THE CHRISTMAS BAZAAR AND CURRY LUNCH – What a delightful surprise

People are truely amazing!

A huge thank you to all stall holders and visitors who came from far and wide and made their way through the narrow campo road to The Christmas Bazaar and Curry Lunch at La Finca, El Valle de Lecrin on Sunday 27th November – and made it such a great day!

We were absolutely delighted to be able to welcome over 200 people and were amazed how far they came to be with us

At the beginning of November we were talked into having a Christmas Bazaar and thought we would attract about 10 stalls and a maximum of 75 people. In the space of just over 3 weeks the word spread….

The sun shone, 20 stallholders brought their wonderful creations, visitors drove or walked through the olive and citrus groves to La Finca, Hermy sang live, 150 Curry Lunches  and 300 coffees and pastries were served.

 People could be found busy shopping at the stalls, taking time to relax outside and chat together on the comfy garden sofas placed to soak up the views, or sitting on the “Cafe” Terrace drinking coffee and eating all the Casa Amelia cakes and pastries

Although lunches were by reservation only we were delighted that 30 more than had booked were served. We were sad that many more who had not booked had to be disappointed.

It’s true that the approach road was tricky, parking was tight and the water supply was cut but all obstacles seemed to have been overcome with jokes and smiles and willing hands – and we have learned what we can do better for next time.

Stars of the day were Anne and Glynn Snelling who worked tirelessly all day helping to park cars and manage the flow of people wanting curry lunch – we couldn’t have coped without them.  The many children who came were astounding in their community spirit. The got together and effectively created a task force even though they did not necessarily know each other. They offered childrens’ face painting and games and collected and washed hundreds of glasses and cups and saucers and served over 300 cups of coffee and pastries. Amazing!

Everyone came positive and determined to enjoy themselves –the sun shone and so did they!

It was a major challenge to manage in the space of only one month all the marketing to capture stallholders and visitors interest, organising the Stallholders, making signage, cooking for the Curry Lunch and making the Christmas Food Products for the Casa Amelia stand at the Bazaar.  It was a real kick to see it all come to fruition and see so many people get together and enjoy themselves as a result.

It took its toll – Scarlett spent two days after the event bursting into tears at the slightest thing – a sure sign she had overdone it! She felt really pathetic but couldn’t do anything to stop it! Women!

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