Plans for the Christmas Bazaar and Curry Lunch on Sunday 27th November are progressing well but they are certainly keeping us on our toes. But its all worth it – we now have 15 artisans and 2 charities involved  – just great.

Marketing to stallholders, then to the shoppers we so want to welcome to the Bazaar and the diners for the Curry Lunch all require a different but coordinated approach …..lots of food for thought there! Look and feel, tone, messages, positioning, potential to confuse, the management of expectations, let alone the management of individuals seems to be sucking hard on life’s experience. No wonder we feel about 110!

Then there is the challenge of producing enough variety and quantity of appropriate products for the Casa Amelia stand ….Fruity, alcoholic, spicey smells of Christmas have pervaded the interior of La Finca for the last few days. A fast dwindling mountain of dried fruits nuts, and candied peel have been stacked alongside bottles of liquor, and jars of spices on the surfaces of the professional kitchen – taking up valuable space for prepping and cooking. Quantities we have used have been so great Inma and Scarlett have had to stand on a ladder to get the right downward stirring action to the mixes. Eventually we realised that we have a perfect for purpose huge half spherical stainless steel bowl (thank you Ikea) that fits perfectly into the round vegetable washing sink, lowering the bowl to the right level for short women to stir comfortably! Steam can be seen floating out of the Casa Amelia kitchen as traditional Christmas Puddings are steamed for hours and hours, the ovens are full of Christmas cakes and Stollen. Pans bubble to produce Christmas red chilli jam and tinsel gold mango chutney…Bliss!

The problem with producing products for sale is that in never does end there. Apart from the cooking there are the not insignificant issues of pricing, packaging and labelling …. if Sainsbury’s charge this in the UK what can we charge here in Lecrin?! Where are the finance, production, marketing and sales teams to delegate to now… ah the joys of not being in the rat race! Huh!

But how wonderful and welcome have been the offers of help, the steady flow of constructive ideas and positive comments from friends, family  and participants in this whole adventure.  Everyone is saying if we can work together to get this Bazaar right then the next ones will get better and better – and easier. Oh we do so hope so – because despite all the hours in the kitchen, in front of the computer and awake in the night – it is so great to be getting something going.

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