17th September 2010

We returned from all our revelling to find our project at the finca had a first floor and part of the roof and everyone talking to each other. RESULT!

The completed first floor and the start of the roof

One third of the roof

Working with a view

Flat roofs over the dining room and library


The lower floor walls

17th October 2010

Arrival of energy and water purification components

Items for the water heating and energy system have been delivered

– Two biomass boilers (fed by olive pips and almond shells)
– Batteries
– Bio diesel back up generator
– Water purification plant


The solar panels are yet to come.


Sliding the energy equipment into the "Energy Control Room"

Chris levelled the floor of the Energy Control Room and has painted the walls with a plasticised paint to ensure a dust free environment for the equipment

Preparation for the second part of main the roof

We have an "inside" to the house!

We would like to say that the team are working harmoniously now – but that would be tempting fate!

Looking from our bedroom to the hall

Up on the roof!

Looking into the lower floor entrance and the disabled suite

The last part of the roof


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