GOING, GOING, GONE – The Rock goes

…….Well physically anyway.  The matter of the appalling survey remains to be dealt with!

THURSDAY 22 MARCH TO FRIDAY 30 APRIL 2010 The Disappearance Of The Rock

Like an El Bulli recipe the Rock has been “deconstructed” and is being reconstructed in other areas of the finca.  Nothing will be wasted – it will provide hard core, walls, rockery gardens, and decorations around the site.

Hasta luego to the Rock as we knew it……


Back at the house in Albuñuelas

Chris found a big surprise.  One of our “Patio” cats – who have made their home in our patio and enjoy our hospitality (ie food) has given birth to 4 beautiful tabby and white kittens.  Mother cat, who previously never talked to us or stayed around if we were in the patio is now incredibly friendly and wants lots of attention, stroking and love.  The kittens have opened their eyes and their mother allows us to hold them.  We are grooming them to move to the finca and become farm cats!

Materials Have Started To Be Delivered…..

While Eloy continued to patiently pick away at the Rock the materials for building the casetas (sheds) that will house the generator were delivered.  The generator, that is needed to power the crane, and the crane are due to be delivered very soon.


Reg’s Team

Martin, Jime, Serafin, Javier, Oscar

The boys met the mobile Health Check Unit to have medicals as part of the Health and Safety Plan required for the Project.


Site Meeting

We had rain for several days and the site was a mud bath so the site meeting was held in Boris’ office in Lecrin.  It was a very noisy and somewhat bad tempered affair and it would be fair to say that there was a robust exchange of views…..!  The outcome was that by the end of the day we had a solution regarding the Rock and the position of the house to which everyone could agree!! WHEW!

Dear Eloy just continued work despite the rain…………  Thank God for a steady soul.

Redistribution of the rock….


Site Meeting

A much more amicable meeting where we moved on from the Rock and started moving forward to make the final documentation so that Reg can start his whole team on Tuesday 4th May to begin the foundations (Monday 3rd May being a holiday).


We mentioned some time ago that Scarlett had written to the Ayuntamiento and sent a copy of the video she filmed of the damage, caused by Ayuntamiento lorries, to the road leading to (and past) the Finca.

The damage is worsening to a point where many of the lorry drivers needed to deliver materials to the site are worried about safety.  It would be very easy for a heavily laden truck to tip and fall down the slopes that border the road approaching the finca.

The Lecrin Ayuntamiento are responsible for the road and its maintenance.  They are maintaining that it was the lorries of a neighbouring Ayuntamiento at Restabal who caused the damage and that until Lecrin receives payment from them they will not commence even temporary repair.

The issue is primarily between the suppliers and the Ayuntamiento.  However if the suppliers cannot pursuade the Ayuntamiento to act quickly then we face either a significant delay or we will need to take action ourselves.

No-one wants to approach the Mayor and are scared of upsetting him.  Our neighbours at the Finca also have problems relating to the broken road.   Plans are afoot to organize a meeting en mass with Salvador, the mayor of Lecrin.  So all the project workers, suppliers and the camposinos will hopefully attend to show just how many people are affected.

It is such a typical example of the power of the Mayor in a Spanish village and the completely nonsensical way the Spanish approach problems ………hopefully next week will see some action.  Hi ho…..!

In the meantime we are innundated with eggs,  peas, broad beans, chard, radishes, early lettuces, onions, and a fantastic first crop of artichokes … Life is GOOOOD!

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